Multifunctional from the begining, Dolls House is, as a house of three floors, from the entrance to the attic, structured and
conceptualised as an exhibition space and a place for the realisation of my conceptual project “Gajana 1980-∞”, aiming to revitalise the Istrian village of Gajana. At the same time, Dolls House is a self-storage for my “puppet panopticon” and thousands of different works/exhibits, presented entirely or fragmentarily at my conceptual and ambiental exhibitions since 1980 ’till now.

The garden of Dolls house is an outdoor space with Mediterranean vegetation where the symbiosis of environmental gardening and art interventions dominate. It is symbolically called “yard of ruins and sculptures” because of the different ready made arrangements and spatial objects left behind for time machine.

In practice and in collective memory, most people identify the title Dolls House with my name Gordana Majnarić, i.e. recognises us as the same term, despite the fact that none of the “two of us” are the other’s synonym, pseudonym, tandem, twin…